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office cleaning trouble spots

Office Cleaning Trouble Spots

Doors, door jambs and light switches are some of the areas in an office that accumulate dirt more often than others. Finger and hand prints can build up on doors, door jambs and light switch covers. A good janitor will notice this dirt and spray and wipe clean these areas frequently. It normally does not […]

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Tips on maintaining floor corners

Floor Corners and Edges

Daily wet mopping of tile or linoleum floors can sometimes leave a residue at the floor corners and edges that can build up to become noticeable. A good janitor will notice or prevent this by mopping with good mop pressure along these edges on a regular basis. Similarly, carpets can accumulate dust at the wall […]

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Restroom sanitation tip page

Restroom Sanitation

The urinals in the men’s room can be a source of odor even when cleaned daily. Of course, daily cleaning and sanitation is a must, but urinals should also have a deodorant screen at the drain. The screen keeps gum, etc., from clogging the drain and the deodorant assures a pleasant aroma between cleanings. The […]

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sink and toilet bowl stains

Sink and Toilet Bowl Stains

The minerals in most water supplies leave a deposit on sinks, faucets and toilets over time. On sinks and faucets, it is a light brown-grey or whitish stain that does not scrub off with normal cleaning. In toilet bowls it appears as a grey or brown ring at the water line and vertical streaks under […]

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The difference between paper towels and hand dryers in an office

Paper Towels vs. Hand Dryers in Restrooms

Use of paper towels is an efficient and sanitary way to dry hands. A trash basket should be near the towel dispenser. Cheap towels tend to come apart when grabbed with wet hands and leave litter on the restroom floor. Quality towels will leave the restroom looking better. Many facilities are changing to air blowing […]

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toner ink removal -- Ability Maintenance

Toner Ink Removal

Toner cartridges can sometimes spill when being replaced and make a big mess. Toner spills are treated differently than other carpet spots. Toner should be vacuumed thoroughly before any liquid is added to the spot. Toner is a fine powder and can travel deep into the carpet fibers. A slow vacuuming of the spot over […]

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Office carpet stain

Carpet Spot Removal

Carpets will inevitably accumulate spots over time from shoes and spills. If these unsightly spots are removed regularly, it can reduce the need and frequency of carpet cleaning. The normal carpet spot removal products will work well on most spots. Follow directions on the product container. Spray a small amount of solution. Do not soak […]

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Office Entries Need Mats

Mats at entries to an office pick up dirt and dust from shoes before it can get further into the office. Mats can reduce the frequency of office carpet and floor cleaning, as well as reduce the dust level in the office. Mats should be at least 3’x5’ with a carpeted top and usually dark […]

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