Ability Maintenance: 2017 Award for Excellence is the Result of Care and Quality

San Fernando Award for Best building maintenance services When you are selecting a cleaning service for your commercial building, what qualities do you look for? You want a company that can be trusted completely to maintain the security of your building when they come in after hours and of course, you want very clean premises after every visit. That’s exactly why scores of companies across the San Fernando Valley have chosen Ability Maintenance Service.

In fact, Ability Maintenance Service is so well known for their excellent results that they were recently selected for the 2017 Best of San Fernando Award in the Building Maintenance Services category by the San Fernando Award Program.

This award focuses on quality, not quantity. Yes, there are bigger companies in the area. But that’s not what counts to a client who wants an office, production facility or dental clinic polished to perfection. Ability Maintenance distinguishes itself due to the insistence by the owner and every professional janitor in the company that each job be done thoroughly, expertly and to the client’s specifications.

Ralph Temps is the driving force behind this insistence on quality. For 30 years, he has been keeping up with all the new cleaning technology, products and equipment. He knows the right kind of care for each type of flooring, carpeting and surface and ensures that his staff stay up to date as well.

“We’re don’t try to hire people at minimum wage and then expect them to be experts – we hire professionals,” he said. “I’m very proud of our attention to detail. All the small things we take care of – they add up to a beautiful result for each client.”

Whether it’s routine daily cleaning, thorough cleaning once a week or periodic carpet cleaning or wax stripping – Ability Maintenance can do it all. “And we advise our clients when it is time for these periodic cleanings and then quickly work them into our schedule,” Ralph commented.

“Our clients understand that a cleaner office is good for business and good for their staff. From the work my staff and I do each day, we get to enhance the operations of many of successful businesses throughout the valley,” he added.

Customers describe Ability Maintenance Service as “consistent, reliable, top-notch and dependable.” When you have a company that has been delivering “top-notch” service for more than thirty years, and when some clients have been using their services for decades, you know something special is going on. That something special is a unique commercial cleaning service with an eye for detail and a demand for quality. That’s not something you find every day.