What Size of Janitorial Company is Best?

what size janitorial company for my businessMost communities offer many choices for commercial janitorial service. Options range from large statewide firms to small “mom & pop” companies. Which size can give the small business office the best value?

The large companies have all the equipment necessary for building maintenance, but are often more expensive than smaller firms. They also usually require a year contract which is difficult to get out of if service quality deteriorates. Since they service large buildings, they are often not responsive to the needs of smaller clients. Their janitorial workers are usually minimum wage employees and turnover is typically high.

On the other extreme is the “mom & pop” service. Although often hard working and sincere, these independent cleaners do not normally have all the equipment, supplies or know-how to maintain the office and floors properly. Also, due to only having themselves, they may have to miss cleaning days due to illness or needed leaves.

What seems to work best and offer the best value to small business offices is a small to mid-size cleaning company to service the small to mid-size office. This company would have enough experience and equipment to meet all the janitorial needs of the office and enough professional crews to cover both client needs and janitor illness and vacation absences. The management would maintain good communication with the clients and the janitors and, therefore, be responsive to the client’s needs. Finally, they have been in business long enough to understand competitive bidding that is priced right for the long term.

Ability Maintenance Services is a company which specializes in office cleaning for the small and mid-size company. We have been in business for 30 years, but have not outgrown our ability or willingness to service the small business well. We have 70 small business clients and 9 crews. Four of our clients have been with us for over 20 years, five others for over 10 years! The average time that our AMS janitors have been with us is 7 years. Three have been with us over 12 years each. We maintain this level of loyalty and professionalism by good support and above-average compensation. Our crews know that quality service and consistent, long-term service are our goals.

At AMS, we price our service to be competitive and strive to build long-term relationships and provide consistent quality. We have always focused on the small to mid-size business and we give them the best service possible.