Janitorial Services in Burbank

Ability Maintenance Service has been performing office and commercial cleaning in Burbank since 1985. One of our first clients was in Burbank and we still service that office today!

We are a local company. Although we serve the greater San Fernando Valley, we have more clients in Burbank (currently 24) than any other city.

We specialize in the small business office, which Burbank has so many of, and we do everything these offices need. This ranges from monthly deep cleaning to nightly janitorial service. We do window cleaning, as well as carpet cleaning and tile floor waxing and refinishing.

proud to work in burbank since 1985

Our intention is to give the best possible service to our clients, while still keeping prices competitive. We accomplish this with our trained, experienced and proven crews.

I make sure the crews are familiar with the latest technology of “green” cleaning methods, disinfection, and security systems. I also do quality control to ensure that the standards stay high.

Burbank has been good to AMS over the years and because of the efficiency of our routes and crew in this area, we can offer lower prices in Burbank than we can to other areas of the Valley.

Call us for your janitorial needs. We would love to have your business!

Some customer feedback from clients in the community:

quote from a medical officeIt is such a huge relief to have your company clean our offices! I used to get complaints on a weekly basis from various staff about our old cleaning company. I would correct them and it would be good for a week or two and then the cleaning would fall out again. I didn’t realize how much attention I had on it until I hired your company. You have been cleaning our offices for three months and I have not had one complaint from any of the staff. All medical rooms are cleaned as agreed upon in the contract and it has made my job much easier. I can now concentrate on expanding the company rather than getting the office cleaned correctly! Thank you so much!
J.B., Office Manager
Medical Doctor’s Office
Burbank, CA

I thought I’d take a minute to write to let you know how much I appreciate the consistently excellent service you have provided us here at Digital Park for the past seven years. Every cleaner that you have given us has been thorough and punctual. I don’t know how you’ve been able to keep the service quality so high and yet have managed to keep the fees low during these past few years! Keep up the good work.
K.V., Owner
Film Editing Co.
Burbank, CA

Ability Maintenance Service has been doing our building maintenance for more than a year and we are extremely pleased with their services. They are reliable, efficient, honest, courteous, and consistent in doing what is stated in their contract. Last fall we had a major flood in our building which made a disaster of our floors and carpets. We called Ralph Temps and he dropped everything, came right over with his equipment, and spent most of the night cleaning the floors and drying the carpeting, which would have been ruined if it had not been taken care of right way. This was above and beyond the call of duty. We have been in business for thirty-two years and have had many cleaning services in that time. Without a doubt, Ralph and his crew are the best we have ever had. They take pride in their work and want it to be right. I would recommend Ability Maintenance Service to anyone without any reservations.
D.S., Treasurer
Diagnostic Instrument Co.
Burbank, CA