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From a Recording Studio in Burbank

Since August, Ralph Temps and Ability Maintenance have been doing an excellent job servicing our recording studio. I have many special requirements and specific instructions for cleaning the building and Ability has been very responsive – I know I don’t have to give instructions more than once. Although each of the studios is outfitted with sensitive (and valuable) recording equipment, Ability has proven to be competent and trustworthy in working around this equipment. I have no reservations about leaving delicate microphones out or equipment set up when Ability is coming in. Because of the nature of our work, clients are often in early in the morning after working until late the night before (and they make a mess!). If janitorial services aren’t up to snuff, if any areas are left unclean the night before, it takes away from the client’s experience. I always trust that even clients who arrive first thing in the morning will be impressed by the cleanliness of our studios. I offer my unqualified recommendation for the services of Ability Maintenance.

D.M., Studio Manager
Recording Studio
Burbank, CA

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From a Printing Company in Noho

I enthusiastically endorse Ability Maintenance Service (14844 Hagar Street, Mission Hills, CA 91345, 818.365.8861) with whom we have had a nearly ten year relationship. They have proven extremely reliable and conscientious, and offer very reasonable rates. We also appreciate the fact that they use safe and bio-degradable products. I strongly suggest you give them serious consideration.

C.G., Office Manager
Printing Co.
No. Hollywood, CA

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Post Production Office in North Hollywood

This letter will service to introduce and recommend Ability Maintenance Service of Mission Hills, owned and operated by Mr. Ralph Temps. My company has employed the services of Ability Maintenance regularly for 4 years. I own an audio post-production facility that houses costly and delicate electronic recording equipment. The janitorial crew cleans my recording rooms professionally and with the utmost care. I have been very pleased with the thoroughness and efficiency demonstrated by Mr. Temps’ employees, and I plan to continue using his services for as long as I am in business.

L.C., Owner
Post Production Co.
No. Hollywood, CA

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Internet Service Office in Chatsworth

We established our Chasworth location in July of 2014, and I hired Ability Maintenance Service shortly thereafter to be in charge of cleaning our place and restocking supplies. This office is 6,888 square feet (mostly carpet) and cleaning up after messy software developers can be a challenge. However, I have had exactly zero problems with Ability’s services. Mr. Temps, the man who gave us our initial quote and went on to be our point of contact, continues to deliver on his promises and to be fair and punctual. He and his team always do a great job. Our office gets cleaned and restocked exactly as agreed, the price is reasonable, and I get to worry about actual operations, not toilet paper and floors. Normally, I am not the one to volunteer to give referrals, but Ability Maintenance Service is one of my favorite vendors. I even recommended them to our neighbor company and I think they they hired them too. Your search is over. Just hire these people. If you don’t believe me, go out and get a few quotes and meet a few other vendors like I did. You will find that you have wasted your time.

Internet Service Co.
Chatsworth, CA

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From an Accounting Firm in Eagle Rock

I am very pleased with the services provided by Ability Maintenance. The person that cleans our office does more than just get things clean, he makes them sparkle! My work day gets off to a great start when I walk in and the office smells fresh, there is no sign of trash, and the floors and surfaces are gleaming. We recently expanded our business to a new, larger location and it is important to us to have proper care and maintenance of our brand new carpeting, floors and furnishings. It is important to us to provide a clean and sanitary environment for our employees, clients and visitors to our office. Ability Maintenance has the same high standards that I do and they get the job done. I am delighted with their services!

Accounting Firm
Eagle Rock, CA

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From Diagnostic Instrument in Burbank

Ability Maintenance Service has been doing our building maintenance for more than a year and we are extremely pleased with their services. They are reliable, efficient, honest, courteous, and consistent in doing what is stated in their contract. Last fall we had a major flood in our building which made a disaster of our floors and carpets. We called Ralph Temps and he dropped everything, came right over with his equipment, and spent most of the night cleaning the floors and drying the carpeting, which would have been ruined if it had not been taken care of right way. This was above and beyond the call of duty. We have been in business for thirty-two years and have had many cleaning services in that time. Without a doubt, Ralph and his crew are the best we have ever had. They take pride in their work and want it to be right. I would recommend Ability Maintenance Service to anyone without any reservations.

D.S., Treasurer
Diagnostic Instrument Co.
Burbank, CA

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From a Film Editing Office in Burbank

I thought I’d take a minute to write to let you know how much I appreciate the consistently excellent service you have provided us here at Digital Park for the past seven years. Every cleaner that you have given us has been thorough and punctual. I don’t know how you’ve been able to keep the service quality so high and yet have managed to keep the fees low during these past few years! Keep up the good work.

K.V., Owner
Film Editing Co.
Burbank, CA

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CreditCard Services Office in Glendale, CA

I just wanted to let you know we are very pleased with you and your maintenance service. When I come to work in the mornings I can always tell you were here the night before because carpets look so nice and our conference room is all clean and shiny. It only looks like that after you have been here the night before. The people you have working in our office are very friendly and are known to the staff that stay here late. I personally want to thank them for their honesty. One night after work I couldn’t find my money clip and the money it contained. I was in a bit of a mystery and was wondering what had happened to it. The next day when I got to work the clip and the money was on my desk next to my key board in plain sight. I realized it must have fallen out of my pocket when I pulled my keys out of my pocket to lock up. I was very happy to have the mystery solved in such a pleasant manner, it just made my day. I am very happy with your service and the people you have working for you.

CreditCard Services
Glendale, CA

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Art Creation Studio in Chatsworth

I just want to give a short review of the service that Ability Maintenance Service has been providing for us for over 8 years. Their cleaning service is excellent. They have been very reliable and have attended to all of our cleaning needs professionally over the years. Their crew that cleans our office is always efficient and leaves the place looking great. I appreciate their work and would recommend them to any small business needing a quality janitorial service.

Art Creation Co.
Chatsworth, CA

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From a Medical Doctor’s Office in Burbank

It is such a huge relief to have your company clean our offices! I used to get complaints on a weekly basis from various staff about our old cleaning company. I would correct them and it would be good for a week or two and then the cleaning would fall out again. I didn’t realize how much attention I had on it until I hired your company. You have been cleaning our offices for three months and I have not had one complaint from any of the staff. All medical rooms are cleaned as agreed upon in the contract and it has made my job much easier. I can now concentrate on expanding the company rather than getting the office cleaned correctly! Thank you so much!

J.B., Office Manager
Medical Doctor’s Office
Burbank, CA

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